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IN Witheridge, Devon

Whether you need quality firewood to provide heat in your house, or you enjoy the homely atmosphere created by a burning fire, come to Grendons Firewood. Based in Witheridge, Devon, we offer a selection of quality logs in bulk bags. Comprising softwoods, hardwoods, or a mixture, the bags will keep you fully stocked up. Stored logs undergo regular moisture readings to ensure they remain at optimum levels, while they are seasoned throughout the year. Grendons Firewood also make logging equipment available to hire.

Easy-to-Light Softwood

Due to its density, softwood lights a lot easier than hardwood, generally provides heat much faster, and produces a larger flame. However, it also burns out a lot quicker, meaning that it does not provide heat for as long. Our softwood logs contain wood from fir trees, such as pine, and their quality varies depending on the season.

Long-Lasting Hardwood Logs

The hardwoods generally take longer to light and build up, but they provide longer-lasting heat, making them ideal for overnight warmth or fires that will be burning for long periods of time. Primarily, our loads of hardwood logs comprise a variety of wood, including oak, beech, and ash. However, if required, we will put together tailored bags to meet the customer's requirements.

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